2019 Overview

Disruptive Designs at the Global Water Summit 2019

On April 8th – 10th 2019 the Global Water Summit returns to London, one of the great world cities. Historic, grand and global, it is also a hub for creativity and finance, two of the pillars of a more successful water future. It is a city of opportunity, possibility, and constant flux, and one that exemplifies the disruptive trends we will be exploring at this year’s Summit. London’s high tech industries are at the forefront of new disruptive digital technologies and AI, while at the same time the city struggles with the impact of climate change and the volatile political and economic climate in the form of Brexit.

This year we’re discussing Disruptive Designs. Disruption creates enormous opportunities as well as obstacles, and it offers real solutions to previously intractable problems. While barriers to trade grab the headlines, huge new markets are opening up in an unprecedented fashion. In the global water sector the story is a refreshing one of collaboration and consolidation rather than fragmentation and isolationism.

What the leaders of the water sector need to make the most of this new volatility is a clear global view and the right contacts. How are current trends going to play out, and how will it affect supply chains, revenue streams and business relationships? Where are the new opportunities, and who are the people you need to talk to? Where is the “fake news”?

Agenda Format

Breakout sessions within the strands focus on Industry, Desal, Digital, Finance, Technologies, Wastewater, and Leading Utilities of the World. Sessions are broken up into discussion panels, presentations, or roundtables, maximizing your time at the Summit to hear the information you want to hear, while also giving you the opportunity to connect with other delegates.


Delegates and Networking

The Summit puts you in the room with the people you need to meet, forging business deals, making connections and raising the profile of your business. Discover why the Global Water Summit is the water industry’s most highly regarded conference.

Global Water Awards

The Gala Dinner, held on the evening of the 9th of April at the Natural History Museum, London, will also see the announcement of the winners of the 2019 Global Water Awards. Honouring the best companies, projects, deals and technologies from 2018, the Awards are voted for by subscribers to Global Water Intelligence magazine and Water Desalination Report.