Agenda 2016 – Day 2

Wednesday 20th April 2016



08:45 - 10:15

Opening Plenary, Session 12

Plenary SessionWater and Climate Change Adaptation

Historically water investment has followed economic growth. In these circumstances new infrastructure is not only needed, but it pays for itself. Climate change breaks this connection. It creates a world in which we must prepare for both extremes of floods and droughts with no additional income streams to meet the cost. In this session we bring together ministerial level speakers from across the world to discuss how to meet this challenge and how international cooperation might play a role in the solution.

Roger Harrabin, Environment Analyst, BBC News

H. E. Dr. Hazim Al-Naser, Minister for Water and Irrigation, Jordan
Eng Suleiman Aliyu Lere, Commissioner for Water Resources for Kaduna State Government, Nigeria
Dr. Mohammad Al Madfaei, Executive Director, Integrated Environment Policy & Planning, Abu Dhabi Environment Agency
José Diaz Caneja, General Director, Acciona Agua

10:15 - 10:45

Coffee Break

10:45 - 12:30


1 Desalination,
Session 13

WorkshopsThe New Economics of Desalination

Drought rather than permanent scarcity is now the main driver of the desal market. What does it mean for the business model?

2 Industry,
Session 14

WorkshopsThe Future of Industrial Water Sustainability

Major corporations have enormous power to influence the way we use and value water. In this workshop we invite major industrial water users to make their case for water stewardship and join our delegates to map out what they want for the future of sustainable industrial water use.

3 Utilities,
Session 15

WorkshopsUrban Wastewater Futures

All over the world new systems for managing urban wastewater are in demand. How will the cities of the future plan systems for managing wastewater to match population growth and provide resilience in the face climate change?

4 Oil & Gas,
Session 16

WorkshopsOilfield Water Treatment at Below $40

The lower price of oil could be water treatment's next big opportunity. Our expert led workshop will show how this downturn can be the driver of new technology needs.

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5 Water Access,
Session 17

WorkshopsStrategies for Water Access

The big cities of emerging markets are potentially the biggest growth opportunity for the water industry. The key to this market is finding economic models which work for low income communities. In this session six new approaches to delivering water and wastewater access to the poor are pitched to a panel of Water Leaders.

Water Leaders

6 Global Markets,
Session 18

WorkshopsAccessing Global Growth Markets

The GWI research team join forces with the experts from Amane Advisors to discuss strategies for success in water in 2016 and beyond.

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12:30 - 13:45



13:45 - 15:00

One-to-One Networking Meetings

One-to-One Networking MeetingsYour facility to booking key appointments during the Global Water Summit

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First meetings available from 13:45

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China Reaches Out, Session 19

PresentationWhat will happen as China’s billion dollar water companies turn to the international market?

China’s water industry has made more billion dollar companies in the past decade than the rest of the world combined.

Now with the domestic economy slowing, these financial behemoths are turning to focus on the opportunities in the rest of the world. With the support of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank they represent a powerful new force in the water industry.

In this panel session six of the biggest players in the Chinese water market outline how they are approaching the global market and the partnerships they are looking to develop.

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15:05 - 16:05

Closing Plenary, Session 20

Plenary SessionShaping the Future of the Water Industry

How do the leaders of the global water industry map out the future? We invite you to ask our panel.

Christopher Gasson, Publisher, Global Water Intelligence

Marie-Ange Debon, Group Senior Executive Vice President, International Division CEO, Suez
Usha Rao Monari, Global Water Development Partners
Dr. Mohammed I. Al-Saud, Deputy Minister for Water Affairs, Ministry of Water & Electricity, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Hongmei Wu, CEO and Founder of Scinor

16:05 - 17:05

Closing Refreshments and Drinks