Agenda 2017 – Day 1

Monday 24 April 2017


07.00 – 09.00


08.00 – 09.00

One-to-One Networking Meetings

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Meet the people you want to meet using our One-to-One networking facility. No more missed opportunities. You arrange it all beforehand and we make it happen.

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09.00 – 10.30

Day 1 Opening Plenary

Intelligent Synergies

Exploring a smarter future with bestselling author and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Martin Ford.

Martin FordNew York Times Bestselling author and winner of the 2015 Financial Times/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award.

Chair: Christopher Gasson, Publisher, Global Water Intelligence

Opening Plenary:
Sue Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Water Corporation, Western Australia

10.30 – 11.00

Coffee Break

11.00 – 12.30

Roundtables – Over 30 tables with 4 x 20 minute rotations

The intense, fast moving roundtable sessions are consistently highly rated by our large constituency of returning delegates.
Expert speakers lead tables of 10-12 in tightly focused discussions on what is new and trending in the international water industry.

  1. Choose a topic and join the table
  2. Meet the host and table guests
  3. Then participate in an intimate, face-to-face exchange of ideas
  4. After four table rotations, you’ll leave the session with a new set of contacts, a meeting set up for later that day and the next step towards your next deal.

Roundtable hosts (More speakers and table topics to be confirmed):


Co-hosts: Ali Asghar Ghane, Member of the Board & Deputy of Planning & Development , NWWEC
Hamid Reza Kashfi, Manager, Bureau for Mobilization of Funds and Development of Public-Private Partnerships; and Manager, PMU for, WB & IDB Projects, NWWEC – Topic: TBC

Jorge J. Malfeito, R&D Director of ACCIONA Agua S.A.U. – Topic: “Desalination in the Digital World.”

Co-hosts: Hilling Chang, Founder and president of Shanghai SafBon Water Service Co., Ltd
Lutz Bungeroth, CEO of ItN Nanovation AG – Topic: “An application of ceramic flat membrane technology
for seawater desalination.”

Co-hosts: Jorge Salas, Director of Research, Water Projects and Environment, Abeinsa / Abengoa
Alberto Vergara, Director of North African concessions, Abengoa – Topic: “Water reuse, the sustainable synergy”

Hani Khalifa, Senior Process Engineer, Saudi Aramco – Topic: TBC

Evora del Estal Campo, Manager of Environmental Footprint and Product Safety D. Safety and Environment, REPSOL – Topic: TBC

Barun Gorain, Innovation Director, Barrick Gold – Topic: TBC

Carlos Cosín, CEO and Founder at Almar Water Solutions – Topic: TBC

Eko Bagus Delianto, President Director, PT Cirajasa Rancanbangun Mandiri (CRM) – Topic: “PPP Opportunities in Indonesia”

Gaëtane Suzenet, Venture Advisor on water, Aster Capital – Topic: TBC

Manoj Sharma, Principal Urban Development Specialist South Asia Department Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Topic: “Economic Corridor Development in India: Putting the Concept into Action.”

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12.30 – 14.00


13.00 – 14.00

One-to-One Networking Meetings

Your facility to booking key appointments during the Global Water Summit

Meet the people you want to meet using our One-to-One networking facility. No more missed opportunities. You arrange it all beforehand and we make it happen.

As a registered delegate to the Global Water Summit, you will be able to upload your professional profile, see the list of registered delegates and send requests for structured One-to-One appointments with your target delegates.

14.00 – 15.30

Session Strands

Latin America

Catalyzing PPPs in Latin America

Bringing together funding agencies, developers and clients, this session aims to establish what is working, what is not working, and how it can be made better.

George Butler, Principal Water Specialist, International Finance Corporation
Gustavo Saltiel, Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist, Water Global Practice, The World Bank

Emilio Soler, LATAM Regional Manager, Aqualia
Yliana Selene Hernández Hernández, Projects Portfolio Manager, Conagua

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Desal’s changing business model

Can desalination position itself to be a better solution for drought as well as scarcity? Our answer is that it can, with flexible business models.

This session will look at the increasing trend in the desalination industry for bringing in private finance and moving towards the BOT contract model in response to limited budgets, a greater need for the monitoring and control of projects and optimizing life cycle costs. From Latin America, through the Middle East and on to China, we believe these trends (among others) will drive growth in the desal market between 2017 and 2020.

Borja Blanco, CEO, Aqua Advise
Carlos Cosín, CEO and Founder at Almar Water Solutions

Hon. Fatma Awale, Minister of Water and Natural Resources, County Government of Mombasa, Kenya.
Juan Carlos Latorre, President of the Board, ECONSA
Joshua Haggmark, Water Resources Manager, City of Santa Barbara
Mohamed Daech, Président Directeur Général, SONEDE, Tunisia


Digital Strategy

Bringing together business leaders from utilities, technology vendors, consultancy firms, and digital platforms providers, this session will address several key topics regarding utility digitization. The panel will present recent case studies and explore what worked and what did not, covering topics such as data silos and data integration, IoT, scalability and security of digital platforms, data analytic insights, and the role of water digitization in smart cities. The panel will also breakdown existing technology procurement processes and discuss future strategies for overcoming existing hurdles to improve pace of technology adoption in the water sector.

Chair: Gigi Karmous-Edwards, Independent Consultant

Ariel Stern, CEO of Ayyeka Technologies
James Dunning, CEO of Syrinix

Industrial Working Group

Water for Growth Initiative Part 1: Making the Business Case for Industrial Water Engagement

Often the benefits of industrial water projects are not regarded as justifying the expenditure or effort. What forms of engagement with industrial water are open to even those companies with restricted budgets, and what projects have the greatest returns on small investments? What should we include in the business case for water engagement, and what boundaries currently prevent us from valuing water accurately? How can we make reuse technologies cheaper?

Chair: William Sarni, Founder and Principal, Water Foundry, LLC

Elena Marin Garcia, Security and Environment Manager at Repsol YPF S.A.


Leading Utilities of the World

A truly visionary conversation on utility innovation requires the world’s operational thought-leaders to represent their main area of expertise. In this session, the ‘Leading Utilities of the World’ innovation network will be launched and the first group of utilities will be inaugurated.

Chair: Howard Neukrug, Senior Advisor, Global Water Leaders Group

Kishia Powell, Commissioner of the Department of Watershed Management, Atlanta, USA
Martin Adams, Chief Operating Officer, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), USA

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15.30 – 16.00

Coffee Break

16.00 – 17.30

Session Strands

Latin America

Wastewater Management for Latin American Megacities

Wastewater management in Latin America is facing a number of challenges towards achieving universal access to sanitation services which is driven by factors such as rapid population growth, environmental regulatory concerns, and inconsistent project delivery. An increasing number of opportunities are arising to meet this demand and the wastewater treatment market is expected to offer the largest volume of opportunities globally in the short term. A mix of presentations and knowledge sharing, this dynamic discussion will feature a high level panel of representatives from key regions including Mexico, Brazil, Columbia and Peru.

Chair: José Díaz-Caneja, Managing Director, ACCIONA Agua

Dr. Gesner Oliveira, Partner at GO Associados

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Water Technology Idol 2017- Presentations and Voting

Take part in the competition which decides which new desal technology will be next to breakthrough to the mainstream market.

Chair: Tom Pankratz, Editor, Water Desalination Report, USA / Global Water Intelligence

The Panel:
Debra G. Coy, Partner, XPV Water Partners
John Tonner, COO, Consolidated Water Co. Ltd.


Internet of Things

Within the next 18 months, every company in the water industry is going to have to have a strategy for the Internet of Things in the same way that they needed a strategy for China in 2005, and for the Internet itself in 1998. Competition between LPWAN and cellular network carriers has been translated into a new language – Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IOT. But the questions of which to pick and how to choose are overshadowed by the larger concern of what the revolution in communications really means for IOT in the global water industry. This session will explore frameworks by which IOT can be effectively adopted within the global water sector.

Chair: Manuel Parra, General Manager for Smart Water Software, Schneider Electric

Industrial Working Group

Water for Growth Initiative Part 2: Financing Industrial Water

The second part of the industrial water session considers the options that exist to make water engagement a realistic choice for all end users. What are the latest developments and mechanisms that can help industrial end users finance water projects? What solutions can be outsourced, and how can wastewater engagement be turned from a cost into a revenue stream? What collaborations between industries, and with governments, can cut costs and create opportunities?

Chair: Lydia Whyatt, Managing Director, Water Investments at Resonance Asset Management Limited

‎Vetrivel Dhagumudi, Global Water Program Leader at Kimberly-Clark


Pathfinding Future Innovation

What makes the ‘Leading Utilities of the World’ innovation network different is the development of a truly innovative culture within and across utilities. In this session, the speakers from the first innovation session (2:00pm-3:30pm) will receive prepared and structured feedback on their presentations from the Advisory Board of the ‘Leading Utilities of the World’ innovation network. Attend this session to join with the leaders of the world’s most innovative utilities at roundtables, and hear their insights on how the water sector and progress to an even higher level of performance, both as individual organisations, and together.

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19.00 – 22.30

Global Water Awards Gala Dinner

Celebrating excellence across the international water industry at the Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid

Guest Speaker: Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Former Trader, Risk Specialist, and Author

Official Global Water Awards Sponsor

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