Global Water Leaders Agenda 2015

Creating a better story for water together

We are very pleased you can join us for the Global Water Summit 2015 in Athens!

014_GWI_Athens_Sunday_2015The Summit is an annual event which brings together leaders – public, private, industry, policy, NGOs, and international organisations – from around the world to discuss water related issues. This year’s theme is “The Water Value Revolution,” and it will focus on four key aspects of value in the sector: finance, customer engagement, value in industry and water for growth.

The Global Water Leaders Group hosts its major annual meeting at the Global Water Summit because it is widely regarded as the world’s foremost conference in the water sector, not only attracting key influential stakeholders, but also facilitating vital partnerships across the sector, many of which will shape the way the world values water now and in the future. More information about the Group can be found at The events partner of the Group for the Summit is Global Water Intelligence (“GWI”). GWI is a publisher of market-leading analysis of the international water industry. For more information about GWI, please see

At the upcoming meeting of the Global Water Leaders Group in Athens, we are excited to welcome a truly international group of thought-leading and performance-driving CEOs and Ministers. Some of the leaders who are already attending our meeting include:

  • Dr. William Muhairwe, Executive Director of the Global Water Leaders Group and Founder of 2ML Consulting, Uganda
  • Roelof Kruize, CEO of Waternet, The Netherlands
  • Marco Antonio Vargas Medina, CEO of Sedapal, Peru
  • Gozkhmaz Huseynov, Chairman of Azersu, Azerbaijan

As an invited Water Leader, we have an exciting bespoke agenda of private side events lined up for you during the Summit. We look forward to welcoming you to:

Invitation-Only Water Leaders Agenda
Sunday 26 April 2015

Global Water Leaders Dinner

Dining ViewThe invitation-only agenda begins with the Global Water Leaders Diner on 26th April, 2015 — the night before Day 1 of the Global Water Summit. The night will provide an excellent opportunity for CEO-level and Ministerial peer-to-peer networking and informal discussion, prior to the main Summit. The dress code for the evening is Business Casual.

This dinner will be held at the award-winning rooftop restaurant — The Premiere Restaurant — which offers dazzling views of the Acropolis. The restaurant is at the same venue as the Summit: Athenaeum InterContinental Athens. As an invited Water Leader, your participathion in this evening is complimentary.

Please meet in the lobby of the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens at 7:30pm

“I think it’s very important that we meet as global leaders because we have the same goals”
Roelof Kruize, CEO of Waternet, The Netherlands

“I think this initiative of getting water leaders together and forming a group is, I believe, of great importance to India.”
Dr. Mihir Shah, Member, Planning Commission Government of India

Monday 27 April 2015

Global Water Leaders Strand

Alpha RoomThe second key part of your bespoke agenda as an invited Water Leader is the invitation-only strand at the Summit. This will take place on the afternoon of the first Summit day (Monday 27th April, 2015).

We will be hosting two sessions in the afternoon around the topic of driving value in the water sector, with particular emphasis on water and wastewater utilities.

The workshop format will enable you – the thought-leading CEOs and Ministers of the global water sector – to dig down into the detail of what it means to be a high performance sector and build value from internal and external sources.

This will be our biggest meeting so far, and we look forward to your contributions on the day.

“The workshops were very interesting, I had the fantastic opportunity to learn more about the contribution of water in the development of cities, and also the technologies for wastewater treatment.”
Marco Antonio Vargas Media, CEO of Sedapal, Peru

Any questions should be directed to the Group’s Secretary General, Samantha Yates, at