Agenda 2017 – Day 2

Tuesday 25 April 2017





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08.45 — 10.15

Day 2 Opening Plenary: CEO Forum

The CEOs of some of the world’s most important water businesses join a panel to discuss the key issues for the future of the water sector.

What is the outlook for the global water market in a world which wants to turn its back on globalisation? Will the digital revolution bring dramatic change to the water sector or merely incremental change?

Is the future going to be about providing assets, technologies or services? What is beyond the water – food – energy nexus, and how can the water industry align itself with new themes in the global economy? What will be the most significant drivers of growth in 2018 and beyond?

Our Opening Day 2 session will bring together some of the world’s most progressive private sector thought leaders to outline how they see the world of water shaping up for the 21st century and what innovations and creative approaches are going to get us there.

Chair: Amanda Brock, Founder and CEO, Water Standard

Heiner Markhoff, President & CEO, GE Water & Process Technologies
Kevin Klau, President of Hach
Marta Verde Blázquez, CEO, GS Inima Environment
Patrick Decker, CEO, Xylem
Ronald Keating, Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors, Evoqua Water Technologies
Joaquín Fernández de Piérola Marín, CEO, Abengoa

10.15 — 10.45

Coffee Break

10.45 — 12.15

Session Strands

Latin America

Wastewater Management for Latin American Megacities

Wastewater management in Latin America is facing a number of challenges towards achieving universal access to sanitation services which is driven by factors such as rapid population growth, environmental regulatory concerns, and inconsistent project delivery. An increasing number of opportunities are arising to meet this demand and the wastewater treatment market is expected to offer the largest volume of opportunities globally in the short term. A mix of presentations and knowledge sharing, this dynamic discussion will feature a high level panel of representatives from key regions including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

Chair: Aurelio Ignacio López Mier Americas Business Director, ACCIONA Agua

Dr. Gesner Oliveira, Partner at GO Associados and Professor of Economics at Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Brazil
Jorge Avalos, Founder, Infra P3 Latam, Mexico
Liana Ardiles, Director General for Water, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
Néstor Guillermo Franco, Head of Autonomous Regional Corporation of Cundinamarca (CAR), Colombia
Ing. Pilar Alva Tafur, Manager of Wastewater, SEDAPAL, Peru
Narcís Berberana Sáenz, Chief Executive Officer, Aguas Andinas, Chile

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Privatisation in Saudi Arabia

A showcase for the sweeping restructuring and privatisation plans being rolled out in Saudi Arabia. With the Kingdom reassessing its approach to PPP under the new National Transformation Plan, where are the opportunities for the water sector? SWCC governor Ali Al-Hazmi outlines the plans for the world’s biggest desalination market, while a panel of experts look at the upcoming revolution in wastewater treatment, water distribution and customer service.

Nick Carter, Director, Middle East Office, Baringa Partners LLP,
Tom Scotney, Deputy Editor, Global Water Intelligence

Government Representatives:
Eng. Ali bin Abdulrahman Al-Hazmi, Governor, Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)
Eng. Mansour Abdullah Farraj Alzunaidi, General Manager, Privatisation & Commercial Affairs, Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)

Saudi Private Water Expert Panel:
Ibrahim Alnassar, CEO, Miahona
Jose Bofill Maestre, Regional Director for MENA and Asia, Aqualia
Pedro Almagro Gavilán, CEO, Abengoa Agua
Suez Representative (tbc)
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Digital Sustainability for industry

How will the digital revolution impact the industrial water space?

Chair: Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Water & Process Technologies

Josep Molas Pages, Corporate Spring and Mineral Water Quality Manager, The Coca Cola Company
Alex Milshteen, Senior Facilities Engineering Manager, Intel Israel
Cheng Chen, Fluid Separation Scientist, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Christian Ziemer, Head of Industry Development & Strategy, Water And Wastewater, Siemens AG,

Working Group

China’s Technology Needs

What is China’s Technology Park Idea and how does it impact the national and international water market? A broad spectrum of players from across China’s water sector pitch for the technologies that are needed most in China.

Chair: Yujia Shen, Asia Research Editor, Global Water Intelligence

Li Haifeng, Executive Director and Vice President, Beijing Enterprise Water Group
Liu Weiyan, Operation Director, Beijing Enterprise Water Group
Zhang Huichun, President, Greentech
Anurag Bajpayee, Co-founder and CEO, Gradiant
David Ji, Vice President, Poten Environmental Group co. ltd
Weihua Wang, General Manager, Water Supply & Drainage Plant, SINOPEC Qilu Company

Working Group

Un-invented technologies

There is a mismatch between the challenges that Water Utilities are facing and the solutions that technology providers currently offer. In this session, Booky Oren and a group of Water Utilities explore the areas of new technology demands which are not met by currently available products and services. The discussion focuses the spotlight on where the next innovation challenges for this industry lie.

Chair: Booky Oren, Chairman & CEO, Global Water Technologies

Csaba Haranghy, Head, Budapest Waterworks, Hungary
David St. Pierre, Executive Director Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, USA
Halla Razak, Director of Public Utilities, City of San Diego, USA
Raveen Jaduram, Chief Executive, Watercare Services Limited, Auckland, New Zealand
Roelof Kruize, CEO, Waternet, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

12.15 — 13.45


13.00 — 13.45

One-to-One Networking Meetings

Your facility to booking key appointments during the Global Water Summit

Meet the people you want to meet using our One-to-One networking facility. No more missed opportunities. You arrange it all beforehand and we make it happen.

As a registered delegate to the Global Water Summit, you will be able to upload your professional profile, see the list of registered delegates and send requests for structured One-to-One appointments with your target delegates.

13.45 — 15.20

Session Strands

Latin America

Water for Mining

After a few challenging years, commodity prices have started to increase driving new investments in mining operations. Mining companies in Chile and Peru are faced with various water-related challenges: water shortage is a critical challenge in the region which is driving desalination opportunities as well as water reuse initiatives in mining operations. In addition, obtaining the social licence to operate is another critical factor. This session will begin with a panel consisting of mining industry representatives who will focus on their main water challenges followed by a lively discussion involving the panel and the audience.

Andrés Zancada, Business Development Director, Aqua Advise
Dr. Hubert Fleming, Head, Water Management, Anglo American (speaking role)

Francis McAllister, Vice President of Land & Water, Freeport-McMoRan
Jorge Cantallopts, Director of Research and Policy Planning, Chilean Copper Commission
Jose N. de Piérola Canales, Water Resource Manager, Southern Peru Copper Corporation
Martin Brown, Tailings, Water and Slurry Pipeline Manager, Cía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi

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Bridging the Bankability Gap: Emerging Models for PPPs

Governments around the world are inviting the private sector to finance water infrastructure investment. Investors are responding in some regions, but remain wary in others

New ways to approach public-private partnerships – and to lower the barriers to private involvement in infrastructure investment – are now emerging that could have wider applicability internationally and change the private investor’s view on risk.

This session will look at these new models for PPP contracts and ask what their potential will be for closing the bankability gap for water infrastructure projects and providing a contract structure that will make them more attractive to clients, project developers and investors.

Chair: Fady Juez, Managing Director, Metito

Benson Ajisegiri, Head of Water Reform and Public Private Partnership, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Nigeria
Atter Hannoura, Director, Public Private Partnership, Central Unit, Egypt Ministry of Finance
Darwin Trisna Djajawinata, Director, PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero), Indonesia
Hisaka Kimura, Head, Private Sector Infrastructure Finance, East Asia Unit, Asian Development Bank
Sonia Attia, Director General of the Concessions Monitoring Committee, Office of the President, Republic of Tunisia
Sylvester Hsu, Senior Investment Operations Specialist, AIIB
Yamileth Astorga, M.Sc., Presidenta Ejecutiva, Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados, Costa Rica
Dzung Tran Viet, Head of PPP Office, Public Procurement Agency (PPA), Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), Vietnam

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Digital Evolution: A Utility Perspective

We are on the verge of a revolution in the water sector. The arrival of low power, long range wireless networking in 2017 is creating possibilities for utilities that never existed in the past – being able to control and monitor every aspect of utility performance is now not only a reality but a viable option.

This session aims to help utility leaders who are considering smart technologies and digitisation to make the right decisions about the future and attune solutions suppliers to emerging needs and requirements for digital and smart solutions within the sector. Bringing together a panel of utility leaders from across the globe to share their experience from a spectrum of drinking water and sanitation applications, this discussion will showcase the success that digitisation can bring, as well as highlight the pre- and post-adoption challenges that have to be addressed.

Chair: Biju George, Chief Operating Officer, DC Water

Dana Kishore, IAS, Managing Director, Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWSSB), India
Mark Froggatt, Engineering Manager, @one Alliance, Anglian Water Services, UK
Timothy Thomure, Director, Tucson Water, USA
Lee Namsoo, General Manager, K-Water, Republic of Korea
Neil Brennan, Managing Director, Western Water, Australia


Water, Waste, Energy Synergies

The urge to optimise the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment has driven innovation across the globe, and the prospect of wastewater treatment plants being net contributors of energy to the grid is no longer a pipedream.

This session will explore the role of sewage sludge and other organic wastes as fuel sources of the cities of the future. From biogas to biocoal or bio-crude, technological advances mean that liquid and solid waste management has a key role to play in delivering carbon-neutral societies. How can the case-studies of today be replicated and scaled-up?

Chair: Thierry Noel, Managing Partner, Amane Advisors

Dr. Andrew Benedek, Chairman and CEO for Anaergia Inc
Andrew Shepherd, Accessory Development and Alternative Energies, Whole Vehicle Engineering Department, SEAT, S.A.
Frank Rogalla, Director of Innovation and Technology, Aqualia
Saburo Masuda, Executive Officer, Swing Corporation
Steve Clark, Chief Executive Officer, SUEZ Asia
Ole P. Johnsen, Chief Executive Officer, Billund Water

15.30 — 16.30

Closing Plenary: Ministerial Panel

Global vs. Local- The Next Generation of Water Management

The United Nations has launched the High Level Panel on Water (HLPW) where water has never before received so much attention. Heads of State are recognising its value, but how will their governments make a real change, and what value is there in working together under a global institution for water management? This session brings together ministers from the countries represented in the HLPF, plus additional perspectives from other ministers from around the world, in order to address the key question: should water be managed locally or globally? This will determine policy and regulations for generations to come…

Chair: Laurent Auguste, Senior Executive Vice President – Development Innovation & Markets, Member of the Executive Committee, Veolia

Hon. Ek Sonn Chan, Secretary of State, Royal Government of Cambodia
Hon. Fatma Awale, Minister of Water and Natural Resources, County Government of Mombasa, Kenya.
H.E Dr. Hazim El Naser, Minister of Water and Irrigation, Jordan
H.E. Suleiman H. Adamu, Minister of Water Resources, Federal Republic of Nigeria
Steve Mwanza, Director of Water Supply and Sanitation, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Malawi