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Global Water Summit 2019
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British Water is an association which has a wide and varied membership covering all sectors of the water industry. From consultants, legal and financial partnerships, manufacturers of equipment and multi-disciplinary contractors to SMEs and independent consultants, we work to bring a coherent approach to delivering in partnership with the water companies- the best for the British water industry. We ensure that each member company has access to services that will enhance their development potential and provide an added value factor to the way they do business, be it internationally or across the UK.

Business Times Africa Magazine is a monthly publication with in-depth coverage and analysis of pertinent economic and financial issues in Africa. Business Times Africa magazine covers key areas such as politics, economics, finance and insurance, commerce and industry, science and technology, safety and security, hotel and leisure, infrastructure, agriculture, mining, transport, social and other topics that are important to Africa’s broad socioeconomic development.

We aim at being the industry leader in producing Pan-African publications, giving our readers a real window into Africa and tell Africa’s story from the perspective of its citizens.
The BT Africa Magazine is a subsidiary of the Business & Financial Times Limited, a Ghanaian company, that publishes the Business & Financial Times (B&FT) newspaper, the quarterly Pan African Energy Today Magazine, B&FT Weekend and B&FTOnline.

Aside the publication of newspapers and magazines, the company is also involved in event management organising major international and local conferences, exhibitions, awards and seminars under the name BIA Conferences

FuturENVIRO magazine is highly focused on the reader and advertiser with an innovative and vibrant design, providing up to date information in a unique bilingual Spanish/English format. With offices in Spain, Mexico and Colombia, FuturENVIRO is able to offer a true and highly effective international distribution.

Dealing with all environmental topics from waste and water management, pollution control, contaminated soils to smart cities, FuturENVIRO publishes 10 issues per year, 5 dedicated exclusively to water and 5 to waste plus a fortnightly newsletter offering all the up to dates news.

Water special issues cover all water management & treatment topics: Urban and Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Purification, Drinking Water Treatment, Desalination, Reuse, Sewage and Supply Networks, Pretreatment and Chemical Reagents, Odour Control, Sludge Management and Treatment: Biogas, Filtration Technologies: MBR, UF, MF, NF, Energy Efficiency and Saving, Automation, Control & Instrumentation, Auxiliary Machinery: Instrumentation, Pumping, Valves, etc., Smart Agriculture: Drones, Irrigation, Water Footprint, Smart Cities; and much more.

The Portuguese Water Partnership’s mission is to promote an effective link between professionals, institutions and companies in order to project the knowledge and skills of the Portuguese water sector in the world, and to catalyse opportunities in international markets, promoting cooperation within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The PWP brings together the efforts of 135 member organizations representing the four essential components of the water cluster: companies, ranging from design to management, including equipment suppliers, service operators and construction contractors; universities and research centres; professional associations and NGOs; and public administration institutions.

The German Water Partnership is a joint initiative of the German private and public sectors, combining commercial enterprises, government and non-government organisations, scientific institutions and water-related associations. The network is supported by five federal ministries. Its head office in Berlin collects and coordinates information about innovations, activities and services of its members.

The fundamental aim of the German Water Partnership is to make the outstanding German engineering, know-how and experience in the water sector easily available to partners and clients all over the world.

REVOLVE is a communication group fostering cultures of sustainability based in Brussels and Barcelona. REVOLVE publishes a quarterly international magazine focusing on the themes of water (winter), nature (spring), energy (summer) and mobility (fall). REVOLVE coordinates publications, curates photo exhibitions and organizes forums. REVOLVE also offers graphic design, data visualization, content development, branding and marketing, social media engagement and media relations to maximize outreach and impact reporting for EU projects and other partner campaigns. REVOLVE works with partners to accelerate the energy transformation and the possibility of a cleaner world.

The Water Network The Water Network by AquaSPE AG is the largest online knowledge-sharing platform and business exchange for global water professionals, with members from 195 countries representing over 10,000 companies.

• Solving the world’s water crisis one question and answer at a time
• Knowledge exchange for the world’s leading water professionals
• Online portal for high impact projects
• Business exchange for water industry suppliers

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