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Global Water Summit 2015     The Water Value RevolutionAthens, Greece | 27-28 April

Welcome to The Global Water Summit 2015 | Athens Greece

Global Water Summit 2015 | Athens, Greece | 27-28 April


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The Water Value Revolution

"Nothing is more useful than water: but it will purchase scarcely anything; scarcely anything can be had in exchange for it."

Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (1776)

Imagine if the great economist were to be proved wrong after 238 years? It would change not just the face of our industry, but the face of the earth. Where economics currently works against protecting, distributing and enhancing our water resources, it would work forwards. It would attract capital into the sector, encourage careful management of nature’s most precious gift, and put a premium on the technologies which enhance and protect our supplies.

It is not a pipe dream. The world is already changing.

Themes for Global Water Summit 2015

Bringing together the water industry

This year’s global water summit will focus on these four themes. In bringing together government and utilities leaders, senior executives from across the global water industry, pivotal corporate water users and investors, the ambition is not to dream. It is a revolution in the role of water in the global economy.

It may be happening anyway. In ten or twenty years we will be living in a very different world from a water perspective, but how much longer can you live under Adam Smith’s Paradox of Value? The purpose of high level events like the Global Water Summit, which bring together all the key players in an industry, is to accelerate change.

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Agenda at a glance

Testimonials for GWS Paris, April 2014

"GWI’s summit is by far the best water event for networking and gaining insight on happenings in the water sector globally. Power packed networking and enlightenment on real facts." — Kunal Shah, Business Development Manager, Va Tech Wabag
"Best opportunity for approaching potential clients, potential partners, technologists, water authorities - in the same place." — Gerardo Sierra, International Business Development Director, Atlatec
"I met the largest number of private sector people.  A must for any water utility that wants to really commercialize." — Barbara Kazimbaya Senkwe, Urban Sanitation Development Specialist, Sustainable Water & Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA)
"Great event. High quality speakers and visitors." Harald Kleiven, Business Development Manager of Biosolids, Cambi
"Having been away for 3 years it was great to see how the Summit had developed and matured with wider participation."  Larry Magor, Chairman, Headworks
"Excellent opportunity to meet unreachable persons of strategic companies for doing business. It saves me a lot of time, telephone calls, emails, flights, hotels....just in 1 day."  — Javier Torre, Global Hydraulic Infrastructure Manager, Encofrados J. Alsina, S. A.
"Another excellent event from GWI. The event has grown considerably so it was good to meet new people."  Lila Thompson, International Business Development Director, British Water
"GWS is a useful event for networking with and engaging key water leaders, and gathering intelligence on business and other types of collaborative opportunities. This is GWS’ value for delegates and it should continue to explore new ways to excel in this area."  — Michelle Ooi, Industry Development Executive, PUB Singapore