Founded in 2006, The Global Water Summit remains a unique event for the water sector. Not only does the event assemble more top corporate executives and water leaders than any other event, it also acknowledges the intrinsic connection between water and money and sets out to revolutionise the role of water in the global economy.

Today utility leaders, government ministers and corporate CEOs recognise that providing a sustainable water supply to the world’s businesses and communities is going to require high level capital investment that cannot be funded by public subsidy alone. The Global Water Summit explores the fundamental role that water plays in our economies and sets out to change the way water is financed; it’s about getting the price right  – and paying that price.

The Summit is the major annual business meeting for the water industry. As a global platform for connecting the public and private sector and for accelerating change and innovation within the sector, it attracts the most influential industry representatives and also becomes a forum for business development and expanding your network.

Intelligent Synergies: Global Water Summit 2017

Now in its 11th year, The Global Water Summit is widely known as the leading water industry conference.

Renowned for its high level attendance, thought-leading content and unrivalled networking opportunities, this Summit attracts more top water leaders and business executives than any other water event and is vital in shaping the movements of the water industry each year.

As you plan your strategy for 2017 – 2018, you will be thinking about how to reach new customers and break into new markets. Over the last 10 years, more and more senior executives working in water have realised that attending the Global Water Summit is crucial if they are serious about growing their businesses, understanding how core markets are developing, keeping up with the competition and forging new business contacts.

Business meetings are at the heart of this industry-renowned event. Every year, over 500 top executives – including water business leaders, industrial water users, utility managers, leading water technology providers and major investors – come together to determine waters key role in sustainable economic growth and to meet with potential partners, suppliers and clients.

There will be over five hours of dedicated one-to-one meeting time and booking meetings is easy via the Global Water Summit. Early booking is essential to guarantee you meet the people you need to meet.

If you only attend one event this year, make it The Global Water Summit.

Join us for the Global Water Summit 2017 on 24-25 April at the Mariott Auditorium Hotel in Madrid.

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Who Should Attend

The Global Water Summit is for those individuals who want to make a difference – to get involved, to join the debate and get things done. Whichever part of the industry you’re in, you’ll find you’re in the right place to meet more key water leaders than you ever thought possible.

  • Water ministers and utility chief executives who take responsibility for water infrastructure
  • Business leaders who rely on water to maintain their production
  • Investors who are concerned about the impact of water risk on their portfolios
  • Engineers and water technologists who can provide the solutions


Global Water Leaders

The Global Water Leaders Group is a CEO-level non-profit organisation with the mission to create a better story for water by bringing together leaders from the water sector – utility directors, water ministers, mayors, regulators – to focus on the world’s water challenges. You can find out more about the Group at www.globalwaterleaders.org.

If you would like to become a Partner of the Group, contact the Secretary General of the Group, Samantha Yates, for more information