Could water security cost $12.6 trillion by 2024?

Our upcoming whitepaper, Investing in a Water-Secure Future, forecasts just this. If we miss the UN’s 1.5°C target for global warming, we will unleash a massive increase in severe climate change impacts – a commensurate increase in water security investment becomes imperative. To evaluate this figure yourself, you’ll want to read through those findings once available here.

But needing investment and money changing hands are not the same thing. We must also ask ourselves: “What can be done to make this investment real?”.

GWS: Making business opportunities real

That is the purpose of this year’s Global Water Summit: giving you the opportunity to meet the people and ideas driving transformative structural change in the water sector. You’ll also find the high-level audience, unrivalled networking, and over $150 billion of tangible project opportunity that the conference delivers year-after-year.

download the white paper

The findings of this white paper suggest that water security is set to become the biggest global investment theme over the next 10 years.  

The Mission of the Whitepaper:

This white paper will tackle the important questions:

  • What assumptions go into our model, how do the numbers break out, and where are the opportunities for private investment? 
  • How can the water sector deliver the financial returns necessary to attract the investment it needs?  
  • What are the risks if we do nothing?

Focusing on the three key areas of water sustainability – water availability, water process efficiency, and water quality – is going to be critical in solving this challenge. 

This white paper is your guide to value creation in an ever-changing climate.