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Global Water Summit 2015 | Athens, Greece | 27-28 April

Pre-Summit, Sunday April 6th | Global Water Summit 2014 | Paris, France

18:30-20:00 Foyer Seine (Level 0)
19:00-20:00 Foyer Seine (Level 0)
Welcome Cocktails

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Day 1, Monday April 7th | Global Water Summit 2014 | Paris, France

07:00-08:40 Foyer Seine (Level 0)
08:50-10:30 Session 1 La Seine A, B & C
Opening Plenary


It is an exciting time for the water sector, but also a confusing one.

Water is not just necessary to facilitate economic expansion, through new technologies, better operational practices, and inspired leadership, water can be an engine of growth in itself, for cities and for businesses.

But growth in the water sector over the past five years has proved a slow and painful process. Most businesses operating in the international water sector are still finding the market harder than it was before the crash. Competition has increased in their traditional markets, while the growth opportunities have moved to new areas. 

Water for Growth will seek out the opportunities currently emerging in unconventional oil and gas, Africa’s economic renaissance, emerging markets which have long since out-grown their legacy infrastructure, new financial models, and creative approaches to performance in the utility sector.

Christopher Gasson: Publisher, Global Water Intelligence (GWI) introduces keynote speakers to highlight the major themes of the Summit.

Keynote Speaker - David Kilcullen: CEO, Caerus Associates, USA. Cities, Water Stress and Conflict: Urban Overstretch in the 21st Century.
Water Wars: Access to water is one of the forces shaping the future of armed conflict; the world’s leading counter insurgency expert explains the threat.

William Ambrose: Global Head of Business Risk, Norges Bank Investment Management, Norway
The Future of Water Risk: One of the world’s largest investors wants corporations to pay more attention to water. Here is why.

Dr Abdullah Al-Alshaikh: Deputy Governor for Planning and Development, Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Saudi Arabia
Emerging desal technologies are lowering costs and increasing energy efficiency. An overview from the current IDA President.

Usha Monari: CEO, Blackstone Portfolio Company, USA

Shri Vijay Kumar, IAS: CEO, Delhi Jal Board, Government of NCT Delhi, India


Refreshments - Foyer Seine
11:00-12:30 Session 2 La Seine A, B & C
Networking Round Tables

The ever-popular, fast-moving session with our conference speakers hosting tables of ten to lead discussions in their fields of expertise - desalination investment, water treatment and re-use in oil, mining and gas, emerging trends in produced water, transformations in the smart water sector, public-private infrastructure investing - and much more. Introduce yourself around the table, listen to the presentation, take part in the discussion, and move on. After three 20 minute sessions you’ll have made many interesting new contacts to develop further during the Summit. Table hosts will include:

1. Daniel Rivera: Director, Proyectos de Desarrollo Social, Corporacion Andina de Fomento (CAF), Venezuela. "Progress in Investment and Governance Gaps in the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Latin America." 2. Fiona Jones: General Manager, Sustainability, Suncor Energy, Canada. “The Nexus Between Water and Energy in the Canadian Oil Sands”.
3. Khalil Attia: CEO, Office National de l'Assainissement (ONAS), Tunisia. "Future Projects at ONAS."

4. Bobby Ng: Deputy Director, Water Supplies, Hong Kong. "Exploring New Water Resources in Hong Kong: Desalination and Reclaimed Water."

5. Geoff Gage: Partner, McKinsey & Company, UK. "The Potential of Industrial Wastewater Treatment to Create Real Value for Industrial Companies." 6. Thierry Noel: CEO, Amane Water, France."Technology Investor Focus: Which Water Treatment Technologies are Getting Investors’ Attention and Why."
7. Michael Dunkel: Sustainable Development Director, Pioneer Natural Resources, USA. "A Texas Operator Manages Water Sourcing and Disposal." 8. Gabriel Reyes: Facilities Lead, Newfield Exploration, USA. "Opportunities in Produced Water Treatment and Re-use: A US Case Study."
9. Booky Oren: Chairman & CEO, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies Ltd, Israel. "Sharing Proven Global Solutions as a Signficant Contributor to Utility Performance."
10. Mark Fletcher: Director & Global Water Leader, Arup, UK. "Green Infrastructure Solutions: Global Best Practice from the UK, the US and Australasia."

11. Adam Lovell: Executive Director, Water Services Association of Australia. "Competition in the Urban Water Supply Chain: What are the Emerging Trends?"

12. John Veil: President, Veil Environmental, LLC, USA. "Water Issues for Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale Gas Wells."

13. Taqsem Khan: Managing Director, Dhaka Water Supply & Sewerage Authority (WASA), Bangladesh. "The Success of Turn Around Programs in Reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and Ensuring Water for Low  Income Community (LIC) of Dhaka City".

14. Fadila Benosmane: Sanitation and Environment Director, Office National de l'Electricite et de l'Eau Potable (l'ONEE), Morocco. "L'expérience du Maroc en Assainissement Liquide." NB: Presented in French. A member of staff will help with translation.

15. Mike Ballard: Senior Director Utilities Strategy (EMEA), Oracle, UK. “Affordable Technology and Innovation Driving Higher Levels of Customer Engagement”.

16. Helge Daebel: Investment Director, Water, Emerald Technology Ventures, Switzerland. "Venture Capital Investments in Water: Ingredients to Success."

17. Elena Bourganskaia: Global Head of Water and Municipal Infrastructure, IFC, USA. "Water Sector Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets."

18. Nyomi Wai: Managing Director, WAI International Company Limited, Myanmar.
19. Shaun Cox: Former Managing Director, Melbourne Water, Austrailia. “Better Services at Lower Prices, Through Innovation". 20. Ahmad Zahdi Jamil: CEO, Ranhill Utilities, Malaysia."Working Partnership Opportunities in Asia."
21. Karlene Maywald: Chair, National Water Commission, Austrailian Government. "The Future of National Water Policy in Australia." 22. Bossan Annayeva: Principal Environmental Adviser, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), UK. "Assessing Water Risk and Impact for EBRD Project Financing."
23. Samy Benoudiz: Executive Vice President, Degrémont Industry/ Suez Environnement, France. "Water Resource Protection for Oil, Gas and Mining." 24. Dr Eng Silver Mugisha: Managing Director, National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda. "Changing an Organisation by Changing the Strategic Direction: a Case of NWSC Uganda."
25. Mark Christison: Manager, City Water and Waste, Christchurch City Council, New Zealand. "Delivering Water Infrastructure for Earthquake Recovery and Long Term Resilience Planning." 26. Jaime Baptista: Regulatory Authority of Water and Waste Services, ERSAR, Portugal. "Public Policies and Regulation to Improve Water Services."
27. Dennis Mwanza, Chief of Party, Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa  (SUWASA), Kenya  and Dr Barbara Kazimbaya-Senkwe, SUWASA, South Sudan. "Poor Performance of Utilities –Due to Poor Accountability." 28. Matthew Bateson: Global Practice Leader for Energy, Environment and Climate Change , Rio Tinto, UK. "Moving Towards a Catchment Based Approach to Water  Management."
29. Maurice Neo: Inductry Development Department, Public Utilties Board (PUB), Singapore. "Opportunities in the Singapore Water Sector". 30. Anna Halpern-Lande: Senior Manager, Upstream New Business Development, Shell, Netherlands. "Challenges and Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector for Water Innovation and Investment."
31. Eleanor Allen: Global Business Line Director , Arcadis, Netherlands. "Business Continuity: How Industry is Responding to Too Little, or Too Much Water." 32. Mohammad Bagher Kiaei: Vice Chairman and Energy & Water Projects Director, Rahshahr International Group, Iran. "Industrial Water Management in Iran."
33. Osama Fageeha: General Supervisor, Environmental Engineering Division, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia. ‘Water policy and Strategy at Saudi Aramco". 34. Sayed Mashkoorul Hasnain: Dy Managing Director (Planning), Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, Pakistan.
35. Lucie Gasmi: SE Expert, Skill Management, SEAAL/ Suez Environnement, Algiers. "How to Modernise the Management Dynamics of a Major Public Utility". 36. Elena Marín García: Environmental Footprint Manager,    Repsol, Spain. “ Water Risk Assessment in the Oil and Gas Industry”.
37. Matt Diserio: President, Water Asset Management LLC, USA. "Solutions Towards Securing Water in the American Southwest." 38. Florian Bollen: Director, Memsys Cleanwater Distribution,      Singapore. “Energy Positive Desalination”
39. Jablanka Uzelac: Head of Research and Consultancy, GWI and Jelena Stanic, Project Manager, GWI, UK. "GWI Market Trends in  Water for the Onshore O&G Industry." 40. Richie Hardwicke: Director, Trucost, UK. "Water’s Impact on Profitability; New Metrics Underpinning Investment in Water Management Programmes."
41. John Walsh: Director, Technical Water Treating, Cetco Energy Services, USA. "Is Produced Water Really All That Unique?" 42. Corinne Cathala: Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), USA. "Water Operators’ Partnerships."
43. Hedi Belhaj: CEO, SONEDE, Tunisia. "Tunisia's Water Sector; Conventional Water Projects and Desalination." 44. Ali Redha Hussain: Executive Director, Water Sciences and Technology Association (WSTA). "Power and Water Projects in Bahrain".
45. David Kilcullen: CEO, Caerus Associates, USA. "Water, Conflict and Peacemaking in Future Cities."  


12:30 - 14:00 Jardin du Luxembourg
12:40 - 13:50 Le Parc Montsouris (Level 3)
One-2-One Pre-Arranged Networking Meetings

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14:00 - 15:30 Strands
  • Room: Seine A

    Session 3


    Delivering Major Desalination Programmes

    Public and private water agencies discuss the challenges involved in rolling out large scale desalination programmes.

    • Demand side risk: what is the best way of coping with the fact that the plants might not be used 100% of the time?
    • Finance: what are the pros and cons of public and private finance? If public finance is preferred, how can the trade off between operating costs and capital costs be optimised and guaranteed?
    • Environmental impact: what is the best way to balance cost and the environment? Should there be international standards for green desalination?
    • Cost: where do you see the greatest opportunity to reduce costs in the desalination process?
    • Technology: what are your hopes for the future of desalination technology

    Neil Palmer: CEO, National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia

    Abdulmonem Ali Elhassadi: Chairman, General Desalination Company of Libya (GDCOL), Libya
    Chew Men Leong: CEO, PUB, Singapore
    Dr Yang Shangbao: Director Water Conservation Bureau, Resource Conservation & Environmental Protection Department, National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC), China
    Mohammad Bagher Kiaei: Vice Chairman and Energy & Water Projects Director, Rahshahr International Group, Iran
    Paul Rhode: Head, Resource and Infrastructure Planning, City of Cape Town, South Africa

  • Room: Seine B

    Session 4


    Water for Growth: The Zero Impact Project

    The objective of this session is to discuss how water stewardship initiatives enhance profitability, rather than detract from it. Our panel of corporate sustainability leaders will look at water throughout the value chain, from suppliers to direct operational users.

    At this session Global Water Intelligence is launching a new initiative, the Zero Impact Project, which will draw attention to the ways in which businesses can improve their profitability while simultaneously reducing their impact on water. The scope of the Zero Impact Project will be developed from the conversations happening within this session. By participating in it, therefore, delegates and panellists alike will have the opportunity to influence the direction of this exciting project. One aim of the session is to start a dialogue as to where businesses see the biggest opportunities and the most scope for enhancing their bottom line through the practises of effective water stewardship.

    Brief presentations will be followed by an interactive workshop where each panellist will lead a table in discussion, reporting the ideas back to the room. The session will end with the audience taking a live vote, aimed at determining the optimal way forward for the Zero Impact Project. Do join us to build the momentum. 

    Laurent Auguste: Executive Vice President, Innovation & Markets, Veolia Environnement, France

    Felix Ockborn: CSR Program Development, H&M, Sweden
    Bea Buyle: Principal Scientist and Leader of P&G Water Council, Procter & Gamble, Belgium
    Louise Nicholls: Head of Responsible Sourcing, M&S Foods, UK
    Richard Fox: Sustainability Director, Finlays, Kenya
    Matthew Bateson: Global Practice Leader for Energy, Environment and Climate Change , Rio Tinto, UK
    Freddy Bosgoed: Energy and Water Efficiency Specialist, Friesland Campina, Netherlands
    Brad Crocker: Director Water Technology, AirLiquide, USA
    Michael Alexander: Global Head of Environment, Diageo, UK


  • Room: Seine C

    Session 5


    Technology and the Future of Wastewater

    Wastewater treatment is being turned on its head by new technologies such as anaerobic digestion, hydrolysis, designer bacteria, and membranes. How can we accelerate the roll out of these technologies for the benefit of utility customers and the environment?

    Our panel of innovation leaders from municipalities, corporations, and start-ups asks where the next revolution in wastewater technology will come from.

    Thierry Noel: CEO, Amane Water, France

    Vincent Bonnafoux: Co-CEO, Strasburg Urban Community, France
    Dr Andrew Benedek: Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Anaergia Inc, Canada
    Thierry Mallet: Vice President, Innovation and Business Performance, Suez Environnement, France
    Alan Thomson: Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company (ADSSC), UAE
    Jacques Olivier: Director General, Syndicat Interdepartemental pour l'Assainissement de l'Agglomeration Parisienne (SIAPP), France
    Dr Dirk Brusis: Investment Manager, SKion GmbH, Germany



Refreshments - Foyer Seine
  • Room: Seine A

    Session 6

    Water Technology Idol

    Nominated companies with early stage technologies make their claim for the top podium. A panel of expert judges will ask the tough questions before our audience votes for the winner.

    Tom Pankratz: Editor, Water Desalination Report, USA

    Judging Panel:
    John Tonner: COO, Consolidated Water Co Ltd, USA
    Lydia Whaytt: Asset Management Practise Leader, Amane Advisors, France
    Rick Stover: Executive Vice President, Desalitech, USA

    Norbert Buchsbaum: CTO, CryoDesalination, USA. "Freeze Desalination."
    Patrick Ryan: Business Development Director, Advanced Water Recovery, USA. "Chemical Desalination Process."
    Rahul Ganguli: Senior Scientist, Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, USA. "Regenerable Membrane Coating."
    John Webley: CEO, Trevi Systems, USA. "Solar-Powered Forward Osmosis."

    Live Voting


  • Room: Seine B

    Session 7

    Corporate Water Stewardship Challenge

    Nominated companies from different industries present their initiatives and success stories in achieving water sustainable businesses. These water stewardship projects have been carefully selected to demonstrate company-wide commitment to sustainable policy and real commercial return for the bottom line. After questions from our expert panel of judges, the audience votes live for the winner of the Corporate Water Stewardship Award.

    Johann Clere: Global Director Business Development, Industrial Markets, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, France

    Judging Panel:
    Bossan Annayeva: Principal Environmental Adviser, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), UK
    Amy Skoczlas Cole: Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Pentair, USA
    Lisa Wojnarowski Downes: North America Coordinator,  Alliance for Water Stewardship, USA
    Dexter Galvin: Head, Supply Chain, CDP, UK
    Jochem Verberne: Head, Corporate Relations, WWF International, Netherlands

    Bob Kleynjan: Senior Manager, Sustainable Water, Sasol, South Africa. "Enhancing Water Security in a Water Scarce South Africa Through Collaboration Within the Emfuleni Municipality."
    Stuart Lowthian: Global Technical Director, Bacardi, Switzerland. "The Spirit of Responsibility".
    Thomas Senac: Environment Coordination, Corporate HSE-Environment, Sanofi, France. "Towards Zero Discharge; Implementing New Waste Water Treatment Technologies in Gujarat, India."
    Dr Vidal Garza: Director, Femsa Foundation and Nina Mayagoitia, PR & Sustainability Manager, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken, Mexico. "How the Monterrey Water Fund, Femsa Foundation and Heineken are Working Together to Achieve Water Balancing Goals in Mexico."
    Jochen Schmidt: Head of Technical Service EMEA, Textile Specialties, Archroma, Switzerland. "Archroma Sustainable Effluent Treatment (SET) Facility, Pakistan".
    Fiona Jones: General Manager, Sustainability, Suncor Energy, Canada. "Using Recycled Tailings Water for In Situ Make-Up Water."

    Live Voting


  • Room: Seine C

    Session 8

    New Models for Growth

    What are the new directions for growth in the water sector? Our panel of utility and service providers present what they are doing to grow their businesses in 2014.

    This session looks at the different directions in which the utility sector is moving and asks the audience to vote on which ideas they think will be most broadly applicable.

    Dan McCarthy: Principle, Dan McCarthy Consulting LLC, USA

    Piers Clarke: Commercial Director, Thames Water, UK
    Virgilio (Perry) Rivera: Group Director, Corporate Strategy and Development, Manila Water Company, Philippines
    Juan Antonio Guijarro: CEO, Aqualogy/ Suez Environnement, Spain
    Bertrand Camus: CEO, Nationwide Water and Wastewater Operations, United Water/ Suez Environnement, USA
    Matt Diserio: President, Water Asset Management LLC, USA



18:00 - 23.30
The Global Water Awards - Ceremony and Gala Dinner


Each year, the coveted Global Water Awards acknowledge the most important achievements in the international water industry, voted for by readers of Global Water Intelligence (GWI) magazine and the Water Desalination Report (WDR), and members of the International Desalination Association (IDA) and the International Private Water Association (IPWA).

Our Guest of Honour for this evening’s ceremony is Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia and Nobel Laureate. Her story is inspirational: Internationally known as Africa’s “Iron Lady,” President Sirleaf is a leading promoter of peace, justice, and democratic rule. As Africa’s first democratically elected female president, she has led the war-torn nation of Liberia to restored freedom and peace while enacting economic, social, and political change. After her speech President Sirleaf will present the Global Water Awards trophies to the winners and runners-up. For further details about the Awards see www.globalwaterawards.com.

Coaches will leave from the Marriot for the Awards night venue (Pavillion d'Armenonville in the Bois de Boulogne), at 18:00 prompt.

The evening will finish at 23.30.

Day 2, Tuesday April 8th | Global Water Summit 2014 | Paris, France

07:40 - 08:50 Le Parc Montsouris (Level 3)
One-2-One Pre-Arranged Meetings

A second structured opportunity for pre-arranged individual meetings with other delegates of your choice. Book your place at the Summit and we'll let you know a soon as this service is open.

09:00 - 10:30
Choose one from the following five concurrent sessions, 9 to 13:
  • Workshop 2:

    The Future of Cities: Unlocking Infrastructure Investment


    Bobby MT NG: Deputy Director of Water Supplies, Hong Kong
    Ming Yang: Environmental Consultancy Services Manager, TUV Nel, UK

    Simultaneous English/French translation

Session 9
The Future of Cities: Unlocking Infrastructure Investment

Room: Seine A

Water finance used to be simple: government borrowed money, spent on infrastructure, and serviced the debt from rising tax revenues. This model is not working in the developed world any more and it might not work for emerging markets. This urgent panel discussion assesses the alternatives.

Christopher Gasson: Publisher, Global Water Intelligence (GWI)

Bobby Ng: Deputy Director of Water Supplies, Hong Kong
H.E Adel Mohammed Al-Roumi: Partnerships Technical Bureau (the organisation in Kuwait responsible for Public Private Partnerships), Kuwait City, Kuwait
Elena Bourganskaia: Global Head of Water and Municipal Infrastructure, International Finance Corporation (IFC), USA
Atter Hannoura: Director PPP Central Unit, Ministry of Finance, Cairo, Egypt
Nisha Singh: Mission Director, JNNURM Ministry of Urban Development New Delhi
Francesca McCann: CEO, Abengoa Water, USA

Session 10
Wastewater and Reuse in Latin America

Room: Seine C

This is a crucial time for Latin America’s evolving economy. As the region moves towards full development of its resources, increasing populations and rising levels of urbanisation means that most of Latin America suffers from significant water challenges. This session brings together experts and operators from across the region’s major industries and asks what growth in Latin America will mean for the water treatment industry.

Carlos Cosin: Chairman & CEO, Abengoa Water, Spain

Emilio Gabrielli: Director, Overseas Business Development, Toray Membrane and Vice-President of the International Desalination Association (IDA), Brazil
Luis Barberii: Major Projects Manager, Paraguana Refining Center, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)
Dr Rafael Ávila-Carrera: Director of Shale Gas/Oil Projects, Mexican Institute of Petroleum - PEMEX, Mexico
Luis F Pita Chávez: Head of Sanitation, Irrigation and Hydropower Projects, Pro Inversión, Peru
Corinne Cathala: Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), USA

Simultaneous Spanish/English translation.

Session 11
Water Technology Opportunities in Oil and Gas

Room: Pont des Arts A & Ext

A panel of senior executives from oil and gas majors discuss what solutions they are looking for on the oilfield, which technologies are getting their attention and where they see the water technology market going in 2014 and beyond.

This session will be held under Chatham House Rule, meaning participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.


Tom Whitehouse: Chairman, London Environmental Investment Forum (LEIF), UK


Veronique Hervouet: Senior VP Investments, Total Energy Ventures, France
Bouke Feenstra: Senior Investment Associate, Shell Technology Ventures, Netherlands
Thierry Froment: Executive Vice President, Oil & Gas, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, France
Greg Fleming: Corporate Ventures, Air Liquide, France
Osama Fageeha: General Supervisor, Environmental Engineering Division, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

Session 12
Africa Focus: Transforming a Continent

Room: Pont des Arts B & C


Africa will be the richest continent if it can get water right. Finding the best investment opportunities will be key in driving growth. This will be a ground-breaking discussion to be led by business people, utility CEOs and Water Ministers from across the continent.

Barbara Kazimbaya Senkwe: Urban Sanitation Development Specialist, Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA), South Sudan.

  • "No Water, No Prosperity": Barbara will highlight how Africa’s economic fortunes have been on the rise and how the future is projected to be even brighter. However, she also comments on how within this context, the water sector remains constrained and how in turn it has the potential to constrain the anticipated economic transformation.

William Muhairwe: Executive Director, Global Water Leaders Group, Uganda

  • "Water-An Unsolvable Problem?": William will examine why despite major efforts, the water problem continues to persist in Africa. He will highlight key obstacles to a lasting transformation of the water sector as well as identify possible remedies.

Hon. Betty Bigombe: Minister of Water, Uganda

  • "Politics: The Beginning and the End": Hon. Bigome will bring all the discussions together by sharing her thoughts on how national politics can either constrain or contribute to the transformation of the water sector and the African economy. She will examine politics broadly covering key issues including conflicts, governance and accountability focusing on what African governments are doing to address these. 

Eng Ajisegiri Benson: Head Water Sector Reform & PPP, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Nigeria

  • "Does Reform Work?" : Eng Benson will examine critical aspects of the 30 years of water sector reforms in Africa, from the 1980s to date. Have we made progress? Where have we stalled?  What can we learn from countries that have reformed the most in order to fast track and scale up the transformation of the water sector?

Dr Eng Silver Mugisha: Managing Director, National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda

  • "Are African Water Utility Leaders Taking us in the Right Direction?": Dr Silver shares his thoughts on leadership of African utilities. What are their challenges; are they leading or being led; are they up to the task of making the transformation in the sector happen or as the Bemba’s of Zambia say, ‘Is the fish rotten from the head’? 

Philip Gichuki: Managing Director, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC), Kenya

  • "Performance Management: Myth or Reality?": In this presentation, Philip will discuss how performance management can be used as a tool to get those on the frontlines i.e. staff of utilities to play their role in the transformation of the water sector. He will highlight critical experiences, challenges and share possible solutions.

Innocent Chiliboy: Corporate Affairs Manager, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Corporation, Zambia

  • "Utility Turn Around – The Lusaka Water Experience"
Session 13
Hot Water: How Water is Holding Back and Pushing Forward Growth in Asia

Room: Seine B


Speakers from the public and private sectors and multilateral organisations will bring their unique perspectives and experience to a debate that will address a range of pressing questions for Asia, including:

Olivia Jensen: Editor for Asia, Global Water Intelligence (GWI), Singapore

Rajiv Mittal: CEO, VA Tech Wabag, India

  • Supplying India’s thirsty industries – is a lack of water holding back growth in key economic hotspots and what is the role of the private sector in addressing this?

Tamin Zakaria Amin: Chairman, National Agency for Water Supply System Development (BPPSPAM), Indonesia

  • How can utilities break out of the trap of poor financial performance and poor operational performance in south-east Asia? Does raising tariffs help?

Ahmad Zahdi Jamil: CEO, Ranhill Utilities, Malaysia

  • Could Malaysia find itself in a position where inadequate water or sanitation services are holding back growth?
  • Can operational improvements achieved by Ranhill in Johor be replicated in other states?

Nyomi Wai: Managing Director, WAI International Co. Ltd, Myanmar

  • What are the water needs of an economy on the brink of development, and how can the private sector help deliver these?

Taqsem Khan: Managing Director, Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority  (WASA), Bangladesh

  • How does a utility in a developing city balance the objectives of operational and financial efficiency, and the need to extend coverage to low-income groups? Can the circle be squared?
  • Is there a financing gap that still needs to be filled?

Hisaka Kimura : Head, Private Sector Infrastructure Finance, East Asia, Asia Development Bank (ADB), China

  • How can we extend piped water coverage to city outskirts – does it make better sense to extend existing networks or to go for decentralisation?
  • Can we make the economics work for municipal reuse in China?


Refreshments - Foyer Seine
11:00 - 12:30
Choose one from the following five concurrent sessions, 14 - 18:
Session 14
Produced Water: Finding the Challenges that Create Opportunities

Room: Pont des Arts A & Ext

Oilfield produced water is a huge challenge for the water treatment sector – and one offering significant commercial potential for companies taking the right approach. With WOR (Water/Oil Ratio) increasing and new water challenges coming out of unconventional recovery, the oil and gas industry now looks to the water treatment industry for the adaptable solutions that will sustain production levels. Our expert panel will weigh up the challenges and assess the opportunities.

John Veil: President, Veil Environmental, USA.

Ming Yang: Environmental Consultancy Services Manager, TUV Nel, UK. "Challenges in meeting regulatory requirements offshore."
John Walsh: Director, Technical Water Treating, Cetco Energy Services, USA. "Spotting the technology gaps in offshore produced water."
Gabriel Reyes: Facilities Engineer, Newfield Exploration, Colorado, USA. "Treating produced water for waterfloods: evaluation of emerging technologies for increasing reliability of infrastructure and injectivity."
Michael Dunkel: Sustainable Development Director, Pioneer Natural Resources, USA. “Business Opportunities for Produced Water Treatment for Hydraulic Fracturing Re-use.”




    Simultaneous English/French translation


Session 15
New Water Priorities in the Middle East and North Africa

Room: Seine C

Explosive population growth and mass urbanisation are currently putting tremendous stress on the water environment in the Middle East and North Africa. This can contribute to dangerous pollution levels and health problems, as well as massive amounts of waste. Add to that the region’s plans for industrial growth and the questions of managing the water supply and of implementing wastewater treatment become paramount. In this session, we ask a panel of  public and private sector leaders to talk about how they view the region and where they think the development of the water business is headed – and how they think will water meet money in the Middle East and North Africa.

Questions will include:

  • What are the plans for new desalination and wastewater treatment projects in the region?
  • How do you get qualified to propose on tenders?
  • Where do you find the bidding information for these projects?
  • What are the region’s governments doing to develop their water sectors and what is the time frame involved?
  • What are the region’s recent success stories?

Shannon McCarthy: Deputy Center Director, Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC)

Ibrahim Shirazi: Advisor, CEO's Office & Executive Director of Business Development, National Water Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Khalil Attia: CEO, Office National de l'Assainissement (ONAS), Tunisia
Fady Juez: Managing Director, Metito, United Arab Emirates
Fadila Benosmane: Sanitation and Environment Director, Office National de l'Electricite et de l'Eau Potable (l'ONEE), Morocco
José Díaz-Caneja: General Director, Acciona Agua, Spain
Thierry Dezenclos: Chief Operations Officer,  SEAAL/ Suez Environnement, Algeria
Hedi Belhaj: CEO, SONEDE, Tunisia

Simultaneous English/French translation.

  • 1

  • 2

Session 16
Water Management in Mining

Room: Seine B


Water shortage issues are a critical factor in the regions where most mining companies operate, making water recovery and reuse an imperative. This session will Identify the best practices for managing water treatment and recovery.

Laurie Reemeyer: Manager, Process Engineering, AMEC Americas Limited, Canada

Dr Toni Aubynn: CEO, The Ghana Chamber of Mines, Ghana
Raymond Philippe: Business Development Manager, MWH Global, Chile
Barun Gorain: Senior Manager, Mineral Processing, Barrick Gold Corporation, Canada
Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain: Environment Superintendent, Rio Tinto, India
Julio Zorrilla: International Construction Director, Acciona Agua, Spain
Ricardo Birke: Business Development Associate, Cap SA, Chile

Session 17
Smart Water Strategies - Smart Utilities

Room: Pont des Arts B & C


Utilities around the world are transforming their performance thanks to smart network technology – but what about water utilities? This session brings the knowledge and expertise of the water utilities sector together with the providers of technologies and smart water solutions – and asks participants: what will make smart networks work better for water?

Booky Oren: Chairman & CEO, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies Ltd, Israel

Rob Andrews: President and CEO, Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), Canada
Ehud Danoch: CEO, EMS Mekorot Projects, Israel
Erick Oostermeyer: Project Coordinator, Vitens N.V., Netherlands
Jorge Malfeito: Director of the Barcelona R&D Center, Acciona
Ronald Vrancken: General Manager Water & Wastewater, Siemens AG, Germany
Virginie Le Roux: CEO & Founder, MarooM, France

Session 18
Industrial Wastewater Treatment in China

Room: Seine A

China’s water supply is under stress and industry is a major polluter. As businesses respond to the need to improve industrial wastewater treatment and focus on sustainability, opportunities are on the rise for water treatment technologies, desalination builders and investors. This session will identify the characteristics of China’s industrial waste water treatment markets and assess the opportunities across China’s water intensive industries.

Jane Wang: CEO, Beijing Huiyan Xingye, China

Xue Hongbing: Director, Energy Department, Yanchang Petroleum International, China
Ju Gening: Manager, Water Management Department, Tangshan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd, Hebei Iron & Steel Group, China
Yong Jionghua: Managing Director, Royal HaskoningDHV Beijing Environment Engineering Co., Ltd, China
Walter van Damme: CEO, Kardan Water, China
Liang Kaili: Deputy Director, Planning, Shandong Iron & Steel Group, China

Simultaneous Chinese/English translation.

12:30 - 14:00
Lunch - Jardin du Luxembourg
12:40 - 13:50 Le Parc Montsouris (Level 3)
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14:00-15:30 Session 19 La Seine A, B & C
Closing Plenary


The global economy needs to continue to grow – and water will be critical to that growth. But not if we manage it badly. How can we make the gains in efficient and productive water management that will reduce water risk and make our current growth sustainable?

Our panel of thought leaders discuss the challenges ahead.

Amanda Brock: CEO, Water Standard, USA

Karlene Maywald: National Water Commission Chair, Australia
Maureen Stapleton: General Manager, San Diego County Water Authority, USA
Jean-Michel Herrewyn: Executive Vice President , Veolia Global Enterprises, France
Prof Srinivas Chary: Dean of Research & Management Studies and Director, Centre for Urban Governance (Water and Sanitation), Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), India
Todd Gleason: Senior Vice President, Growth, Pentair Inc, USA
Ida Auken: Member of Parliament (RV) and Former Minister for The Environment, The Danish Parliament, Denmark

15:30-16:00 Foyer Seine
Conference Close, with light refreshments

Day 3, Wednesday April 9th | Global Water Summit 2014 | Paris, France

Site Visit to Mery-sur-Oise WTP

Join an excursion by coach this morning to SEDIF’s Mery-sur-Oise water treatment plant, serving 39 districts and 800,000 people living in the northern suburbs of Paris. SEDIF is the water authority for the Ile-de-France and Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies has provided the water production line based on nanofiltration technologies (turnkey project), which produces and distributes 80% of the plant water output. Nanofiltration technology is a  highly sophisticated membrane system, able to filter out any undesirable colloidal substances whose presence in raw water is continually on the increase. It therefore reduces the amount of products used in the treatment process.

Nanofiltration process at the water treatment plant at Mery-sur-Oise (©SEDIF)

The visit and return to the Marriott hotel should be concluded by 13:00