Global Water Leaders Group

The Global Water Leaders Group is proud to host its major annual meeting alongside the Global Water Summit.



The Global Water Leaders Group hosts a strand of workshops and networking events at The Annual Global Water Summit, focusing on topics such as utility innovation, technology demands and driving utility performance. Water Leaders become part of the group by invitation only and include the CEOs of water utilities and government leaders.

The Group meets at the Global Water Summit because it is widely regarded as the world’s foremost conference in the water sector, not only attracting key influential stakeholders, but also facilitating vital partnerships across the sector, many of which will shape the way the world values water now and in the future.


We welcome a truly international group of thought-leading and performance-driving CEOs and Ministers including:

  • Dr. William Muhairwe, Executive Director of the Global Water Leaders Group and Founder of 2ML Consulting, Uganda
  • Roelof Kruize, CEO of Waternet, The Netherlands
  • Marco Antonio Vargas Medina, CEO of Sedapal, Peru
  • Gozkhmaz Huseynov, Chairman of Azersu, Azerbaijan

The events include an invitation-only dinner (for invited Group members and Partners) and two exclusive workshop sessions during the Summit (for Group members, Partners and pre-registered delegates).

The sessions will be highly interactive and discussion-based with the goal of refining and remodelling leadership and organisational strategies so that water-related organisations, particularly utilities, and their leaders are empowered to identify and seize performance-driving opportunities, to the benefit of all stakeholders including the environment. The Group focuses on urban water utilities in particular because we believe that the greatest pressures on water resources are, and will continue to be, on cities. Bringing the CEOs of water utilities from the biggest cities of the world together will in this workshop setting – along with leaders from the enabling environments of policy, regulation, investment and technology – will move water’s agenda forward in new and dynamic ways.

If you are interested in attending the Group’s events, please click here for more information.

If you would like to become a Partner of the Group, contact the Secretary General of the Group,Samantha Yates, for more information.