Water Positive Zero Carbon

Climate change is changing water. Let’s make it a change for the better. That was the objective of the 2022 Global Water Summit in Madrid: mapping out a route to a better future for water through the climate emergency.   

The threat of greater extremes of floods and droughts is a challenge for the water industry but it is also an opportunity. The linkages between water and energy mean that we can fix emissions by fixing water and we can fix water by fixing emissions. These synergies together with the global political commitment for climate action create the potential for transformational change. We as an industry need a strategy to make best use of it.   

We called it water positive zero carbon. It is about looking for new ways to contribute to the wealth and reliability of the world’s freshwater resources while at the same time reducing emissions to mitigate the impact of climate change. It is a complex challenge. It will involve finance, innovation and the evolution of new services. It needs to be understood by utility and industrial water users alike. Everyone across the supply chain has a contribution to make.  

That’s why over 800 industry experts joined us in Madrid fro GWS 2022.  On-line meetings had been good for maintaining relationships but nothing matched the creative energy of face-to-face engagement during an intense two day summit. It is simply the best way of connecting with new people and new ideas to reimagine the future. Delegates left the Summit with a mind buzzing with new possibilities and an enlarged and refreshed professional network.   


Our Global Water Summit 2022 Carbon Pledge

For our 2022 GWS we invested to reduce water industry carbon emissions by 800tCO2e (more than double those generated by travel to the event) as part of our commitment to the objectives of the conference. Find out more.

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Global Water Summit

3 Reasons to attend

Expert Insight
The Global Water Summit is a high-level knowledge sharing platform that gives you access to expert contributions, ideas, and intelligence, from the speakers that represent the most significant opportunities in the global water sector. The agenda gathers leaders representing utilities, industry, finance and investment, and key water market players.
Meaningful Networking
Bringing together all of the key influencers from across the supply chain, the Global Water Summit has become a vital part of shaping the future direction of the sector and driving business opportunities. Attending the Summit gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation and forge relationships that will drive the future success of your business.
Market Strategies
By creating a consensus amongst thought leaders and presenting opportunities you won’t find anywhere else, you can plan a business strategy that capitalises on emerging trends and is grounded in the most exclusive market insights.

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