Mariana Concha

Head of Water Stewardship, Codelco

Mariana Concha

Head of Water Stewardship, Codelco


Head of Water Stewardship in Codelco: from march, 2021 to now. 

Civil Engineer with specialization in Hydraulic Engineering from the University of Chile, Diploma in Management of Sanitary Companies. 29 years of professional experience. Extensive experience in managing large projects in the private and public sectors, in the areas of hydraulic systems and large dams, hydraulic power stations, building, large bridges. 

She has been General Director of Public Works, National Director of Hydraulic Works and National Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Water, Consultant, Construction Manager in the Epejo de Tarapacá project and Planning Deputy Manager in water suplay company Aguas Andinas S.A. 

Directive Management and Consulting 

She has been in charge of water infrastructure planning and civil works management in the private sector, Consultant for water infrastructure planning and optimization studies; water supply risk analysis for mining projects; planning studies and use of water and hydroelectric resources, as well as management of surface and underground water rights. In-depth knowledge of water resources management and legislation. 

Public Management 

In public management, in direct investment processes and concessions; She has directed various projects of great importance such as large reservoirs and irrigation canals with hydroelectric generation. 

She also directed the generation of the new plan and modernization of the rural drinking water standards and the strengthening of relations with the Committees and Cooperatives of the different communities. The management of the National Plan for Water Investment Initiatives of the Ministry of Public Works stands out. 


She has been President of the Council of the National Institute of Hydraulics, Vice President of the Construction Institute, Director of CAPTA (Advanced Center for water technologies). Member of the National Water Board. 



Tuesday 9th May, 11:15 – 12:45: Roundtables – 40 Crucial Questions for Water in 2023