Saudi Arabia Privatisation Workshop: Accessing the $60 billion opportunity

Privatisation plans in Saudi Arabia will present the international water sector with its biggest opportunity over the next decade. $60 billion of investment will be needed to deliver success at every level of water and wastewater service provision. From privatising existing water production and water and wastewater distribution assets to attracting private finance to build out new water and wastewater treatment plants, there will be significant opportunities for the private sector.

The key to this market will be building relationships with the relevant officials at this early stage in the privatisation process – this workshop is a crucial platform for forging those connections if you want to be involved.

In partnership with Global Water Intelligence, The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA), together with the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, the National Water Company and the Water and Electricity Company, will be hosting this workshop in a bid to identify and attract top-performing potential partners with the following expertise and capacities:

  • Infrastructure funds
  • Project developers
  • EPC contractors specialising in desalination and wastewater treatment
  • Utility operators
  • Plant operators
  • Technology companies with expertise in asset management and customer service

Pre-conference Workshop Sponsor
Global Partner

Why Attend?

The workshop is highly interactive, promoting direct dialogue between potential partners. By attending this workshop, you will:

  • Have direct access to the key representatives from the four official government participants (MEWA, NWC, SWCC, WEC)
  • Gain exclusive insight into the privatisation plans directly from the people who are implementing them, so you can identify the right opportunity for your business
  • Participate in and contribute to planning the success of the privatisation programme
  • Have the chance to showcase your expertise according to the needs and demands of the market
  • Be considered for face-to-face meetings with relevant officials

This is a must-attend workshop if you want to tap into the $60 billion opportunity and to build a critical network for your future involvement.

A discounted package is available for delegates wishing to book a Global Water Summit delegate pass. You will be given the option of adding a Global Water Summit delegate pass when booking your workshop place and a discount of £115 / $170 will be automatically applied.

*Please make additional arrangements for transport and accommodation.

Official Government Participants

Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture

The ministry responsible for delivering water sector privatisation

Abdulrahman Al-Zogaibi, Deputy Minister for Planning
Khalid Al-Habib, Privatisation Manager
Ibrahim Al-Hudif, Privatisation Advisor

Saline Water Conversion Corporation

The national bulk water agency which is looking to sell its major production centres to the private sector while retaining its distribution assets and smaller desalination plants.

Abdullah Al-Abdulkarim, Deputy Governor for Planning and Development
Ahmed Al-Arifi, Director General of International Cooperation
Ahmad Al-Amoudi, General Manager of the Desalination Technologies Research Institute
Mohemmad Al-Alsheikh, Project Manager in Project Department
Ahmed Mohammed Alamro, Privatization Department

National Water Company

The body responsible for running utility services across the country.

Mohammed Al-Mowkley, CEO and Deputy Minister
Nemer Al-Shebel, Riyadh City Business Unit

Water and Electricity Company

The off-taker responsible for tendering privately financed desalination and wastewater treatment projects.

Khaled Al-Qureshi, CEO
Suleiman Khaliwe, responsible for wastewater projects

Opportunities On Offer


Up to $25 billion investment required

Operations contracts
6 regional utility areas

In preparation

6 regional utility areas



Up to $20 billion investment required

Ras Al Khair sale
1,035,000 m3/d

In preparation

9 Red Sea Plants (EPC only)
240,000 m3/d

In preparation

Other asset sales
Up to 3,000,000 m3/d

In preparation


Up to $15 billion investment required

Rabigh phase 3
600,000 m3/d

RFP issued

Shuqaiq 3
380,000 m3/d


Yanbu 4
450,000 m3/d

Conceptual stage

Jubail 3
1,170,000 m3/d

Conceptual stage

Longer term seawater projects include Yanbu 5, Shoaiba 5,Ras Al Khair 2, Rabigh 4, Al Khobar 4, and Jeddah 5 with a total capacity of 4,175,000m3/d. A further 1,250,000m3/d of brackish water capacity is also being considered.


Wastewater projects
Up to $2 billion investment required

Dammam West
330,000 m3/d

RFP issued

Jeddah Airport 1+2
500,000 m3/d


Turaif, Agar, Sakarkah
86,000 m3/d


Other wastewater projects at Al Ta’if, South Jeddah, Al Qassim, Al Hasa, Al Medina Al Munawara, Tabuk.

Workshop Agenda

13.30 – 15.30

Session 1: Privatisation Overview

Workshop Facilitator:
Kyeong Choi, independent consultant

Opening remarks:
Abdulrahman Al-Zogaibi, Deputy Minister for Planning, Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA)

NWC distribution networks privatisation:
Mohammed Al-Mowkley, CEO of NWC and Deputy Minister, Water Services

SWCC brownfield asset sales:
Abdullah Al Abdulkarim, Deputy Governor for Planning and Development, SWCC

Greenfield desalination and wastewater treatment BOTs:
Khalid Al-Qureshi, CEO of WEC


15.30 – 16.00

Coffee Break

16.00 – 17.30

Session 2: Breakout Discussion

Six roundtables hosted by a representative from Saudi Arabia, presenting a specific aspect of the privatisation programme. Each roundtable will begin with a 10-minute presentation followed by lively discussion, giving delegates the opportunity to participate in more intimate discussions. Each round table lasts 30 minutes with 3 rotations, allowing delegates to join new tables for discussion.


NWC phase 1 operations contracts

NWC phase 2 concession models

SWCC’s production assets

Contractual arrangements for SWCC privatisation

Greenfield desalination projects (WEC)

Expanding wastewater treatment (WEC)

MOWE privatisation objectives

17.30 – 18.00

Session 3: Feedback, Summary and Next steps

An opportunity for delegates to provide feedback on the plans and objectives discussed during the workshop. The four opening speakers are invited to return to the podium to offer their responses to the workshop.

18.00 – 19.00

One-to- one Networking Meetings (for selected participants only)

Registered delegates will be considered for one-to-one meetings with government officials.